Via filler ELPEPCB® PP 2794 does good for the circuit board  

In the field of via filling, Peters is setting an exclamation mark with ELPEPCB® PP 2794. The thermal curing via filler enables bubble-free and even hole filling and the subsequent application of planar insulation layers or metallization, especially in the vacuum plugging process. No cracks or delaminations ”The paste shows excellent metallisability and no cracking […]

Casting compound perfectly protects electronics from overheating

With ELPECAST® VU 4545/101, Peters has recently added a casting compound to its product portfolio that is characterised by particularly high thermal conductivity. ‘At 1.7 W/mK, the thermal conductivity value is by far higher than standard,’ says Christoph Münz, a graduate chemist at the Kempen-based ink manufacturer. This high thermal conductivity makes it an ideal choice for applications where efficient heat dissipation is crucial – such as in electronics and sensor technology as well as in lighting electronics.

ELPEGUARD® SL 1800 FLZ now also certified for outdoor applications

The conformal coating ELPEGUARD® SL 1800 FLZ from Peters has been awarded an extended UL certificate. The UL 746 E rating certifies that the acrylate-based coating for printed circuit boards, besides featuring the highest non-flammability rating UL V-0, is also suitable for outdoor use.

Smarte Elektronik im Fokus der Peters-Entwicklung

Über Auswirkungen der elektrischen Alterung in Kombination mit Feuchte und Temperatur auf den Isolationswiderstand und elektrochemische Migration hat Peters-Laborleiter Johannes Tekath bei der EBL-Fachtagung im schwäbischen Fellbach gesprochen. EBL steht für Elektronische Baugruppen und Leiterplatten. Bei dem Kongress in der europäischen Metropolregion Stuttgart, auf dem elektronische Baugruppen und Leiterplatten im Mittelpunkt stehen, hält Peters seit Jahren die Fahnen hoch.