ELPESPEC® Auxiliary Products

ELPESPEC® Auxiliary Products can be used universally in the processing of any kind of coating material: They simplify and facilitate the application of circuit printing inks, conformal coatings and casting compounds in electronics manufacturing.

ELPESPEC® Auxiliary products for circuit printing

For circuit printing we offer universal products such as thinners and retarders, screen openers and antistatic sprays for screen printing, besides specific auxiliaries for processing photoimageable coating materials such as Stouffer grey step wedges, defoamants or special strippers.

ELPESPEC® Auxiliary products for conformal coating

The assembler will find practical aids such as peelable solder masks from the squeeze bottle for partially covering assembled printed circuit boards in wave soldering processes, dosing accessories for applying dam and fill gels, or flow cups for adjusting the processing viscosity.

ELPESPEC® Auxiliary products for processing casting compounds

Sealing mastic for sealing work prior to potting, grip agents to improve the adhesion, mould release agents, accelerating agents, cleaning agents and many more products to aid in the processing of casting compounds.

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ELPESPEC® Auxiliary Products