ELPEGUARD® conformal coatings

ELPEGUARD® conformal coatings are used to protect and insulate assembled pcbs so that they can fulfil higher requirements regarding reliability and service life.

ELPEGUARD® Thin film coatings

Solvent-containing or aqueous 1- and 2-pack “ready-to use” systems with very good resistance against moisture and condensation, thus enabling an excellent corrosion protection for assembled pcbs (e.g. e-corrosion and migration), typical dry layer thickness < 80 µm, suitable for coating flexible circuits (“flex-to-install”); can be soldered through for repair or mechanically removed (blasting method); coloured-transparent, opaque or fluorescent adjustments permit a simple checking of the coating layer for completeness with daylight or UV light (black light)

ELPEGUARD® Thick film coatings

solvent-free 1-pack systems with excellent chemical resistance; typical dry layer thickness > 50 µm, thus providing excellent protection even in critical weather conditions; the fluorescent adjustment permits an easy and reliable check of the coating result under UV light (black light), can be removed mechanically for repair purposes

ELPEGUARD® Gels for dam-and-fill applications

thixotropic gels for dam-and-fill applications, ideally suited for a simple and high-definition application of dams around connectors, components and contact pads to limit the application area of a subsequent conformal coating; available in cartridges

ELPEGUARD® Reference book

Conformal coating in theory and practice, by Dr. Manfred Suppa, former Head of Research & Development

Conformal Coatings for Electronics Applications

Conformal coating in theory and practice: Basics, composition of coatings, chemical/physical properties, application and drying processes, evaluations and specifications, characteristics of conformal coatings, corrosion and failure mechanisms, trouble shooting

Author: Dr. Manfred Suppa, Head of Research & Development (1998 – 2017) at Lackwerke Peters GmbH & Co. KG

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ELPEGUARD® conformal coatings