Casting compound perfectly protects electronics from overheating

With ELPECAST® VU 4545/101, Peters has recently added a casting compound to its product portfolio that is characterised by particularly high thermal conductivity. ‘At 1.7 W/mK, the thermal conductivity value is by far higher than standard,’ says Christoph Münz, a graduate chemist at the Kempen-based ink manufacturer. This high thermal conductivity makes it an ideal choice for applications where efficient heat dissipation is crucial – such as in electronics and sensor technology as well as in lighting electronics.

This way, industrial customers can rely on the two-component casting compound ELPECAST® VU 4545/101. On the one hand, the synthetic resin product provides reliable electrical insulation; on the other, the heat generated in the component is quickly dissipated, thus extending the service life. The maximum temperature of the component can be significantly reduced by a thermally conductive encapsulation,’ explains Christoph Münz.

Christoph Münz uses a computer simulation to show how the casting compound ELPECAST® VU 4545/101 dissipates heat from the component.
Photos: Peters

What makes VU 4545/101 casting compound so special is its excellent processability and the comparatively low flowability. This not only facilitates application, but also enables a precise and efficient potting procedure.

Another important aspect is its best flame class V-0 according to UL 94, which ensures maximum fire safety. ‘The casting compound offers a sensible and cost-effective alternative to silicone products,’ reports Christoph Münz, who has been with Peters since 2007 and currently works in the R&D department at Peters Research.

All in all, ELPECAST® VU 4545/101 is a first-class option.

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